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Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation:
ACHC administers Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board (PCAB) accreditation for non-sterile and sterile pharmacy compounding. PCAB accreditation assesses the compounding process based on a specific set of standards that concentrate on the quality and consistency of medications produced. PCAB accredits pharmacies that dispense medications pursuant to a prescription order for an individually-identified patient for the following pharmacy services:

Non-Sterile Pharmacy Compounding (CFNS):
Non-Sterile Pharmacy Compounding is a process by which a Pharmacist prepares drugs by combining, mixing, or altering ingredients into a pharmaceutical preparation. These preparations are designed to be administered by a route of administration that does not require sterility as result of a practitioner’s prescription drug order. Compounding includes the preparation of drugs in anticipation of receiving prescription drug orders based on routine, regularly-observed prescribing patterns.